MiniRoos 2024

Below is some general information from the 2024 season to help give you an idea of the MiniRoos program.

Our MiniRoos encompasses ages 5-9 and our seasons commence in the first weekend of May.

Our MiniRoos program is predominantly an intra-club competition with all games held at Harrison Fields. GUFC teams play other GUFC teams for our U5s-U7s.

Our U8s and U9s may be involved in an inter-club competition which may require some travel around the north Canberra region.

How do I register my MiniRoo?

Registrations open on Wednesday 11 January 2023 and will close in mid-March to allow time to put teams together and order uniforms. To register in our MiniRoos program head to the Registration page of our website.

Once on the Registration page, scroll for costs and for information on how you can help your MiniRoo play with their friends (see the team entry form and the “play with a friend” form).

Continue scrolling on that page to find the Self Registration Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the national Play Football registration system. Each child will need their own registration on Play Football which creates their account and gives them their Football Australia number which is their unique identifier for their entire football (soccer) life.

I’ve registered, now what?

Once you’ve registered your name will be added to our database and you will start receiving our regular whole-of-club e-newsletters. Keep an eye on your junk and spam folders and record as a trusted email source. We also ask that you keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for important updates. It’s essential you remain proactive in this regard.

Our Registrar will create teams based on registration information and will take into account any “play with a friend” and team nomination requests. You will find out about what team your child is in closer to season kick-off.

Each age group (5s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s) needs an Age Group Coordinator (AGC) to assist with communications and coordination. If you can volunteer for this role (largely done at the other end of a computer) please email . Our previous/current AGC’s and Coach Coordinators will mentor you through the role.

When does the season commence?

Our MiniRoos commence at the start of Term 2 each year and run through to late August/early September.

See the below guide for start times for each age group each Saturday. This is a guide only based on our 2023 season and may be subject to change.

Age GroupKick-off TimeGameComp Style
U18 (open and girls)3:10pmOpen 45 min halves
GIrls 40 min halves
Home and Away
U16 (open and girls)3:10pmOpen 45 min halves
GIrls 40 min halves
Home and Away
U15 (open and girls)3:10pm40 min halvesHome and Away
U14 (open and girls)1:45pm35 min halvesHome and Away
U13 (open and girls)12:30pm30 min halvesHome and Away
U12s (open and girls)1:45pm30 min halvesHome and Away
U11 (open and girls)12:30pm25 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U10 (open and girls)11:30am25 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U8 - U9 Girls10:35am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U5 - U7 Girls10.00am 15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U9 open10:35am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U8 open9:45am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U7 open9:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U6 open9:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U5 open10:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only


Age Group Coordinators

Each age group requires a dedicated Age Group Coordinator to help guide, coordinate and provide the extra information you need to get your season underway.  As soon as our Age Group Coordinators have been finalised for the 2022 season we will provide a link to our AGC list and contact details.

Would you like to be an age group coordinator? Email 



The draws for our MiniRoos teams are distributed to Age Group Coordinators each week who will share them with teams. Additionally you can turn up to Harrison fields every Saturday in accordance with your weekly time slot, and allow plenty of time to view the draws on display (with field maps) on the outer wall at Harrison Clubhouse.

MiniRoos Rules

To help understand the rules, player numbers and field sizes click here.


Thank you to all of those parents and friends who have previously volunteered to coach our MiniRoos.  We have coach resources for those parents who put up their hand to coach.

Don’t have a coach yet? As with any community sports club we rely on the generosity of parents to ensure all teams have coaches every year.

To submit your interest in coaching please fill out this GUFC Coach Expression of Interest form and register as a volunteer via My Football (see the Registration page for instructions).

For some useful coaching tips specifically relating to Mini Roos, click here.

Map of the Mini Roos Playing Fields

A map of our grounds to show field setup for our MiniRoos can be found at the Clubhouse at Harrison Fields (Katoomba Street, Harrison) every weekend along with a list of where each team is playing.


Our Canteen will be operational for our MiniRoos families of a Saturday morning.  Kev has hung up his apron after 7 wonderful years of service for GUFC. We are now advertising for a new Canteen Manager (paid position) and look forward to serving you coffee and snacks as usual! Interested in the role? Email

Uniform Checklist

Mini Roos will receive their 2024 player jersey the week leading up to season kick-off.  Note: MiniRoos will receive fresh “wash and wear” jerseys  for U5s, U6s and U7s which need to be returned at the end of the season. Our Under 8s and Under 9s will get to keep their jerseys in line with their fee structure.

Each week our Mini Roos should arrive at the fields with:

  • Player jersey
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks
  • Football boots (no sneakers – football boots are mandatory)
  • Shin pads (mandatory)
  • Drink bottle
  • Wear plenty of layers for warmth on the sideline and feel free to wear GUFC coloured under-layers if necessary.