Community football is the foundation of our Club with Community Juniors being the largest player group encompassing ages 10-18.  In addition to our Community Juniors we also have Community Seniors for 18+, Masters, MiniRoos (5s-9s) and our National Premier League performance streams for both men and women.

How do I register to play in Community Juniors?

For everything you need to know about registering with GUFC, head to our Registration Page. Return to this page once you have completed the registration process.

I’ve registered, now what?

Now that you’ve registered you will need to determine if you’d like to attend grading to be considered for a Division 1 or Division 2 team. See the section on grading below.

Once the grading process is finalised, teams will be created and you will then receive an email from your coach, coach coordinators or your age group coordinator advising of your child’s team. This will take place in March. From there you will start to receive emails directly from coaches and/or age group coordinators in the lead up to the season regarding training, gala day and any next steps.

Once you’ve registered your name will be added to our database and you will start receiving our whole-of-club fortnightly e-newsletters. Keep an eye on your junk and spam folders and record as a trusted email source. We also ask that you keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for important updates. It’s essential you remain proactive in this regard.

To view previous e-newsletters you can find them here.

When does the season commence?

The ActewAGL Junior League is run by Capital Football with official dates advised on their website.  Dates are currently listed as follows:

Pre-season commences: 24 April 2021 for four weeks
Open round commences: 22 May 2021
There will be no games on Saturday 10 July 2021
Season is complete towards the end of August for 10s-15s age groups.
U16 & U18 Semi Finals: 4 September
U16 & U18 Grand Finals: 11 September

Keep an eye on the Capital Football Juniors page for more information.

See the below guide for start times for each age group each Saturday. This is a guide only and may be subject to change.

Age GroupKick-off TimeGameComp Style
U18 (open and girls)3:10pmOpen 45 min halves
GIrls 40 min halves
Home and Away
U16 (open and girls)3:10pmOpen 45 min halves
GIrls 40 min halves
Home and Away
U15 (open and girls)3:10pm40 min halvesHome and Away
U14 (open and girls)1:45pm35 min halvesHome and Away
U13 (open and girls)12:30pm30 min halvesHome and Away
U12s (open and girls)1:45pm30 min halvesHome and Away
U11 (open and girls)12:30pm25 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U10 (open and girls)11:30am25 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U8 - U9 Girls10:35am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U5 - U7 Girls10.00am 15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U9 open10:35am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U8 open9:45am20 min halves
min 5 min break
Home and Away
U7 open9:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U6 open9:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only
U5 open10:00am15 min halves
min 5 min break
Home Field Only

Details on field size, game duration and playing format will become available closer to the start of the season.

What is Community Grading?

From U10s to U18s, GUFC players can choose whether they want to continue down the fun and fitness route by playing with their friends in an ungraded team (Division 3), or they can attend the GUFC grading sessions to be considered for a Division 1 or Division 2 team for a more competitive season with other players keen to play at a higher level for greater challenge and improvement.

The aim of the Grading procedure is to place players in a division best suited to their skills and their ability to improve while keeping their confidence in mind.  It is not simply about players getting into the highest grade possible. To ensure an unbiased selection of players, a number of coaches, approved by the GUFC technical team, will supervise and conduct the grading with coaches from last season asked to provide their input where possible.

Note: It is important that players are registered with Play Football and season fees paid with GUFC prior to grading.  Anyone not yet registered for the 2021 season is not covered by insurance in the event of accident or injury until their registration is complete.  

When and Where is Community Grading?

Community Grading is held in February each year and runs for up to four weeks. It’s important that players attend all sessions in their age group to allow them to show their best performance and give graders an opportunity for best assessment. If for a player is unable to attend all sessions, please advise this on the grading enrolment form.

All grading is held at Nicholls Synthetic Fields behind Holy Spirit Primary School, Kelleway Avenue, Nicholls.

Players must turn up at least 15-30 minutes prior to their grading session for administrative purposes. All players to bring a labelled drink bottle, football boots and shin pads and be wearing appropriate football attire to allow for full range of motion. We suggest they bring something warm to put on after their session in the event it gets cold.

When referring to age groups please note that any reference to U10, U11, U12 etc refers to our open/mixed teams. These teams tend to be predominantly boys teams. Girls 10-12 and Girls 13-18 grading sessions refer to our girls only teams within those age ranges. If you are wondering what age to enrol your child, please enrol them in their actual age group. Information on birth years can be found on the Registration Page. Refer to information further down this page regarding playing outside the age group.

Note: Times, dates and venues may be subject to change due to weather and ground availability.  Please keep an eye on this page, your emails and Facebook for updates.

Grading Week One:

Monday 8 FebruaryWednesday 10 FebruaryFriday 12 February Saturday 13 February
6.00-7.20pm: U10
7.30-9.00pm: U16 & U18
7.30-9.00pm: U16 - U186.00-7.20pm: U12
7.30-9.00pm: Girls 13-18
10.30-11.50: U12 & Girls 10-12
12.10-1.40pm: U11
4.00-5.30pm: U14

Grading Week Two:

Monday 15 FebruaryWednesday 17FebruaryFriday 19 February Saturday 20 February
6.00-7.20pm: U10
7.30-9.00pm: U15
7.30-9.00pm: U156.00-7.20pm: U11
7.30-9.00pm: U14
10.30-12.00pm: Girls 10-12
12.10-1.40pm: U10
4.00-5.30pm: U13

Grading Week Three:

Monday 22 FebruaryWednesday 24 FebruaryFriday 26 February Saturday 27 February
6.00-7.20pm: U11
7.30-9.00pm: U14
7.30-9.00pm: U156.00-7.20pm: U13
7.30-9.00pm: Girls 13-18
10.30-12.00pm: U13
12.10-1.40: U10
4.00-5.30: U12

Grading Week Four:

Monday 1 March
6.00-7.20pm: Girls 10-12 and Girls 13-18
7.30-9.00pm: Mixed16-18


How Do I enrol for grading?

For administrative purposes it is essential that all players wishing to be considered for a Division 1 or Division 2 team enrol for grading prior to the grading days. Please enrol via this link. Enrolments due by 5pm Friday 5 February 2021.


What is the Club policy on playing outside the age group?

GUFC players are expected to play in a team based on their birth age group. ‘playing outside of age’ (up or down) is generally discouraged as in most cases it is in the best interests of the  Club and the player for them to play at their appropriate age group. However, we do understand there are some circumstances when a player wishes to be considered to play up an age, and there are also circumstances when a child wishes to be considered to play down an age. To view the GUFC Policy on playing outside their age group, please refer to our Governance page for all policies and procedures.

If you would like your player to be considered outside of their age group, please fill out this Playing Outside of Age Request form here.

Can I submit an entire team to play in GUFC Community Juniors?

Division 1 and Division 2 teams CANNOT be submitted as a team to play for GUFC Community Juniors. All Division 1 and Division 2 teams are selected via the grading process and these teams may look different each year.

However, if you would like to submit a Division 3 team you can do so via our Social Team Nomination Form.  Please note the wording on that form carefully as it pertains to your age group and the note regarding GUFC teams being subject to the rules and direction of Capital Football within the Juniors competition space.


Do you have questions that have not been addressed here? Direct them to your coach or age group coordinator in the first instance. If you don’t  yet have that information available, feel free to email so your question can be directed as appropriate.