GUFC Extended Committees

GUFC Non-Executive


Andrew Tarnawskyj and Sharon Brennan (assisting)

Seniors Coordinators:

Victor Hughes, Sharon Brennan

Premier League Coordinators:

Nicole Brown (NPLW) and Neil Harlock (filling in for NPL and NPLY)

Grounds Coordinator:

Tanya Katsoulis (acting until position is filled)

Referee Coordinator

Gavin Hopman

Property & Equipment

Jeremy Czoban


Position Vacant


Leanne Shea Langdown

Points Coordinator:

Sharon Brennan

Volunteers Coordinator:

Position Vacant

Canteen Venue Managers:

Kevin Keane

Kanga Cup Korean Billeting:

Brad Doohan

GUFC Communications Committee

Leanne Shea Langdown (Chair) Niva Pryor (website), Michael Micieli (NPL), Nicole Brown (NPLW), Position Vacant Committee (Sean Jenkinson acting)


GUFC Social Media, Branding and Marketing Committee

Leanne Shea Langdown (Chair), Michael Micieli (NPL), Jenni Jordan (NPLW), Jack Green (peer), Lachie Griffiths (peer), Kailey Tonini (peer), Emma Ilijoski (peer), Jack Perraic-Cullen (peer), Gaby Jordan (Peer), Harrison Labouchardiere (peer), Tahlia Langdown (Social Media Adviser), Louise Williams (assistant), many players who get involved when we need them, GUTV technical positions currently vacant.

GUFC Technical

Marcial Munoz, Diego Iglesias, TBA