Vision, Goals & Values

GUFC is the largest sporting association in the Gungahlin region and one of the largest community soccer clubs in the ACT and Australia. We have over 1800 players.

Our vision is to create a progressive and a professionally run Soccer Club to support the Gungahlin community. Our goals include:

  • fostering the enjoyment of sport and team participation in our very young right through to our mature players
  • nurturing and developing the expertise of individuals who have dreams of pursuing the sport at a professional level
  • uniting the Gungahlin community ie, players, families and local business, with a common goal of investing time and effort in our young and young at heart and enjoying the opportunities of coming together

Compared to other clubs in the ACT we are relatively young and have grown rapidly in line with the huge growth in the Gungahlin region. We are proud of what the Club has achieved in such a short time, but our plan is to keep developing.

Click Here to see our Values Statement which has been created to guide our culture and build a united sense of community.


What your registration fees cover

Player registration fees are reviewed and set by the Club’s Executive to cover the operational expenses of GUFC each year and to ensure a sustainable future for the Club.

As a truly united Club, we share the costs across the whole of GUFC. There are many unseen costs to run a club of this size, for example grounds fees alone cost the Club over $120,000 per year plus other expenses might include:

• strip purchases
• referee fees
• line marking
• nets
• bibs
• balls
• technical zones
• equipment hire
• trophies
• community events
• technical development
• basic administration

The Club aims to be transparent in how your fees are administered. Your annual fees include:

• Capital Football Fees
• Referee Fees
• Equipment Maintenance and uniforms
• Volunteer Levy
• GUFC Fees

The graph below shows the fees for all Community over the past 5 years. Excluding the volunteer levy, the 2018 GUFC fees have largely remained the same as 2017 for 6 of our 10 age groups; 2 groups have decreased; 2 groups have increased.

To view the GUFC Registration Package click here.

Volunteers are how the club exists

GUFC is currently run on a volunteer basis. This allows us to help keep the operational component of your registration fees manageable for our families.

As we haven’t always had sufficient volunteers to run the club, this year we have introduced a Volunteer Levy. This money is used to draw from a large pool of people from across the ACT who are happy to help out when the need arises. We respect that many parents don’t have the time to volunteer and are happy with this levy, while many of you are happy to help out on an as needs basis. For everyone who volunteers for a minimum of 5 hours over the 2018 season, we will give you a 100% refund of this levy at the end of the 2018 season

For more information about the Volunteer Levy and on all the different ways you can volunteer for the club click here.

Growing the Club through Fundraising & Sponsorship

Players’ registration fees cover our costs to operate for the season. Fundraising (eg the raffle) and sponsorship enable us to grow the Club and make it thrive in the Community. If you are interested in:

The sum total of everyone’s’ contributions, no matter how big or small is what makes this a great club and a truly united club.


Attached are a few visual representations of our organisation


The League Demographic shows the size and breakdown (high level) of the Club. As we are a United club, all areas contribute to the success of others.

The Community Demographic shows the specific details of how our Community League (Juniors and Seniors) is broken down.

If you have questions please check our FAQs page in the first instance. Any other queries can be directed to [email protected]