The Centre of Excellence


CoE kicked off again on 1 February 2020 and will continue for 9 weeks.


“The sessions have been exceptionally well organised and the coaches have been first class. It is a credit to the club to have such professionally run program.”
Testimonial from a happy 2019 Term 4 parent


“Our friends have raved about this as have the kids. Great job”
Comment on the 2020 registration form from one family keen to get started.

What is the Centre of Excellence?

At GUFC our aim is to provide the best environment for the participation and fullest development of its members in Football and we are strongly committed to the values which define what the club believes in. One of the most important offerings that a club can do is commit to its juniors development. At GUFC we are focused on developing  from within our player community, with the aim to provide a pathway for all our junior Gunners so they may grow and develop to play in our Premier League teams.

Why would I choose the GUFC Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence program is a unique program to Gungahlin United Football Club using our Director’s proven method of youth development for those players who are committed to their progress and are looking to head down the path of performance based football. The program allows for our younger players to effectively prepare for Division 1 and Pathways and is designed to help prepare the most driven players for National Premier League (men’s and women’s).  The Centre of Excellence is spearheaded by internationally recognised Centre Director Marcial Munoz who has proven success as a local, state and national player/coach, who is recognised as a specialist in youth development and skills acquisition and who has created the GUFC playing style that saw our NPL men’s team rise from a minus 6 point start to the 2019 season to win the Grand Final against all odds.

The Centre of Excellence focuses on commitment, loyalty, progression, mindset, strategy, skill, humility and focus.  As a professionally developed program based on Marcial Munoz’s intellectual property you won’t get this level of training at any other academy in the ACT.

Director of the Centre of Excellence

The CoE includes a tailored training program put together by our highly qualified CoE Director, Marcial Munoz.

Marcial brings a wealth of experience and qualifications:

  • A Licence
  • Football Conditioning Licence
  • FFA Skills Acquisition Specialist Licence
  • Many years’ experience as NPL coach in both 1st Grade and youth
  • Head Coach for SAP program(s) at Capital Football
  • Head of Skill Acquisition at Capital Football
  • Head Coach – National Youth Championships U13s (3 years)
  • Assistant Coach Foxtel Youth League Canberra United

What is the Centre of Excellence?

The Centre of Excellence aims to provide players with a holistic approach to their development, offering a 9-week “School of Football” style which has been constructed to provide a players the best chance to develop into playing at Pathways and or Division 1 level and onto NPL and WNPL.   We aim to teach and educate our players technically, tactically, physically and mentally.

Players will develop the fundamental individual techniques such as dribbling, passing and receiving, duels (1v1 – attacking & defensive), heading and shooting using practices that will provide players with game awareness and understanding (insight).  In addition, giving them high volumes of repetition to perform a skill or movement in situations that will allow them to perceive, make decisions and execute actions freely.

It is our responsibility at the GUFC CoE  to change the status quo and provide our players with the framework to further develop players with the drive and ambition to be the future of our Premier League, as well as have the tools to represent the ACT at a national level.

The players at the GUFC CoE will be trained and developed to play football with a DNA/identity that is recognisable; attractive, offensive-minded, creative, and fast. The aim is to produce exciting, attacking, intelligent players, to be able to compete at the highest possible levels.

CoE coaches adopt a number of approaches to teaching and educating the players, using different approaches; isolated practices, constraints based and game based approach to coach the players.

Isolated Practices
These are practices that provide a relatively constant practice environment and provide a high volume of repetition. The purpose of these practices involves narrowing the focus of the practice to a specific moment or to an ‘action’. Isolated practices will be used in specific sessions to develop or refine specific movement and actions.

Constraints Based Approach
Practices within a constraints based approach establishes an environment that is constrained (conditioned games) by the coaching variables (space, time, ball, opponent, goals) which aim to influence the skill development of players.

Game Sense Approach
This method of coaching will allow coaches to use game-based practices to help players further develop tactical awareness and understanding, in a setting that promotes learning and problem solving in match like situations.    

In-houses coached Small Sided Games
To complement all the technical and tactical development, games will be played every two weeks to ensure that transfer of information is taking place.

Player Evaluations
Player evaluations will be provided at the end of the program. Each evaluation will be provided within two weeks of completion of the program.

Who is the Centre of Excellence for?

This program is designed for boys and girls interested in playing at a competitive level either in Pathways or Division 1 with a vision to play in Premier League

U12 Boys and Girls (Born before 31/12/2008)* Turning 12 by 31/12/2020

U11 Boys and Girls (Born before 31/12/2009)* Turning 11 by 31/12/2020

U10 Boys and Girls (Born before 31/12/2010)* Turning 10 by 31/12/2020

U9 Boys and Girls (Born before 31/12/2011)*  Turning 9 by 31/12/2020 (Note: Under 9s need to trial – see below)

*All players are expected to train in their age groups.  Exceptions will be given by the Academy Director.  Please refer to the GUFC Playing Up in Age policy prior to registering for the Pathways Program to avoid disappointment.

What will it cost to attend the Centre of Excellence?

As this is a high-performance program, all players will be expected to attend a 1.5 hour training session each week, for a total of 13.5 hours.  This will include game time with the possibility of playing against other academies.

The all-inclusive cost for the program is: $250  This includes all training sessions, player uniform for new registrations and a new piece of kit for our continuing CoE children.


Player Kit:
Players will receive GUFC official branded Training Jersey, Shorts, Socks, Bag and Drink Bottle. Existing players will receive something new to add to their CoE bag.

What happens in the event of weather cancellations?

In the event of inclement weather, we expect our players to arrive at the venue as scheduled where the Centre Director will make the final decision on whether or not to train. We continue to train in the rain with our venues providing shelter in the event of electrical storms.  We do not offer reimbursement for weather delays, however, if enough time is missed, we will look at providing a make up session.

Pathways Alignment

The CoE is designed to develop and complement the Pathways Program. The CoE will not replace the grading process for Pathways or Division 1 or 2 teams

How do I register?

REGISTRATION FOR 2020 are now closed.  Keep an eye on Facebook, emails and this web page for advice regarding the Term 4 2020 CoE.

For any questions contact

 At the GUFC CoE we strongly believe our approach to teaching and educating players, can lead to an accelerated learning environment, where players will develop the skills and game understanding, to be more creative, offensive-minded and intelligent player.