Senior Summer 6s

Seniors Summer 6s

Summer 6s is a revised format of soccer which provides a competitive yet social environment for football during summer.  It is played on a rectangular field measuring approximately 65m x 35m (1/3 of a regular field).  A match is played with two equal periods of 25 minutes with a 5 minute half time interval where teams change ends. Teams are permitted to field 6 players (inclusive of goal keeper) and can have unlimited interchange throughout the match.

Registration fees are $120 per person (+ insurance for those who have not played at GUFC during the winter months)

Games are played of a Thursday night from 7.00pm at Harrison Playing Fields (201 and 202) near the child care centre off Wimmera Street.  Please note: Strictly NO parking in the childcare car park.  Please park at Harrison School.

The summer sixes is a social competition and all participants and officials are expected to behave in a sportsman like manner. Verbal and physical abuse will not be accepted at any time.

We have one level of competition with 8 teams participating. The skill set of our teams does vary from experienced players to noncompetitive players. This is purely a social competition and should be played that way. Teams or players may be excluded for the remainder of the season for any indiscretions during the competition.


  •   Games are 25 minutes each way with a five minute half time break.
  •   Six players a side inclusive of the goalkeeper
  •   Teams must wear the same colour shirts. All team should have 2 shirts (one white for         home teams and a colour shirt for away team). The club has limited bibs which may be   available on the day.
  •   Shin guards are compulsory and players will not be allowed to play without them.

Regular football rules apply with these exceptions:

  •   Any goals scored by a female player when playing against a team with no female players will count for two points.
  •   No slide tackles allowed. Any slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition
  •   No offside
  •   A player issued a yellow card must leave the field for 5 minutes and cannot be replaced
  •   A player issued a red card will be required to leave the field for the remainder of the game and may face a one match suspension and possible disciplinary action.

Referees are provided by the club (if no referee is available the home team will be required to provide a referee)

There will be a net roster and rostered teams will be required to setup and pack up goals and nets. The roster will be issued prior to the commencement of the competition.

Wash Outs: Matches that have been cancelled due to weather conditions will be rescheduled where possible if additional grounds bookings are available.

All players are to be registered and have an FFA number. Players who have not played in the winter competition in 2018 will need to register for an FFA number and play the additional $12.60 to cover insurance costs.

The season dates are:

Game               Date

Game 1                18-10-18

Game 2                25-10-18

Game 3                01-11-18

Game 4                08-11-18

Game 5                15-11-18

Game 6                22-11-18

Game 7                29-11-18

Game 8                06-12-18

Game 9                04-02-19 (TBC)

Game 10             11-02-19 (TBC)

Game 11             18-02-18 (TBC)

Game 12             25-02-19 (TBC)


For more information contact [email protected]