Strategic Planning Session

Dear Members

The Executive Committee of Gunghalin United Football Club recently partnered with Sports Community to help provide a strategic review with supporting infrastructure and foundations for achieving club goals and improved club performance over a sustained period.

This review included the need for:

  1. Clearly defined and documented goals, objectives and plans
  2. A defined and documented club “organisational” structure
  3. Documented position descriptions for all roles within the club and established “terms of references” for club sub committees
  4. Reviewing policies and procedures which define and document the behaviours, policies and processes of the club
  5. A knowledgeable and well trained committee empowered to achieve the goals of the club

As the region’s largest community sporting club it is important we ensure continual strategic approaches are in place to take our Club well into the out years.

Thanks to those who were involved in our Sports Community Planning Workshop 

Sports Community Team leader  Amanda VanderWal, High Performance Coach and Consultant, reported back to the Executive with her suggestions which are currently now in train.

To read the original letter of invitation sent to our GUFC community, click here 

Yours in Football,
Neil Harlock


Principal Executive | Gungahlin United Football Club

 Reminder: Our GUFC values are respect, professionalism, commitment, inclusiveness, community and enjoyment.