Welcome to Gungahlin United Football Magazine Issue (5), the “The End-of-Season Issue”.

While GUFM has been created by GUFC volunteers for our GUFC community, it has been created in collaborative way so we can share it with the broader ACT and Australian football community.

This is not a club newsletter! GUFM is a true magazine with the aim to reach outside the club with articles that interest soccer fans globally via the ISSUU magazine platform.

(If you are looking for our regular newsletter you can find that on the newsletter page of our website).

To read GUFM we recommend you:

(1) download the free ISSUU app from the App Store or Google Play or read on PC or tablet.
(2) search for Gungahlin United Football Magazine, or click
(3) as with any magazine it’s best read on a tablet/iPad or your desktop for easiest readability.

We have also created it as a compressed PDF which you can download here.

To print the printable activities only, you can download them here.

Issue 5 of GUFM was created by:

Leanne Shea Langdown, Head of Corporate Affairs and Editor-in-Chief
With guest writer, David Jordan.
Editorial assistance from Louise Williams, GUFC Secretary.
Foreword presented by Neil Harlock, GUFC President.


For previous copies of GUFM click the links below:

(1) Issue 1: The Isolation Issue (2020)
(2) Issue 2: The Return to Football Issue (2020)
(3) Issue 3: The Summer Issue (2020/21)
(4) Issue 4: The mid-season issue (2021)

If you have story and content ideas for future issues, or if you would like to join the editorial team, please email  We look forward to your involvement and ideas.

Happy reading!