Who do I contact?

Wondering who to contact within your age group? If you have a coach or team manager, they are always your first port of call. However, if you need to communicate about something over and above team issues, the following table provides information on our Age Group Coordinators (AGCs) for our Community Juniors and Community MiniRoos streams.

You can also refer to the table below for team availability by age group. If it’s marked closed the teams for that age group are full. If your age group is closed, you can email the Age Group Coordinator for that age and ask to be put on the waiting list in the event a new team is created or players drop out. If it’s marked OPEN the teams for that age group are still accepting players. If it’s marked LIMITED SPACES it means there are only one or two spots left.

Feel free to email the Age Group Coordinator for your age group if you have questions or if you’d like to confirm status for that age group.

You can also email contact@gufc.org.au if you would like to talk about something club related.


U5 Miniroos 2016ClosedSharon Brennansharon.brennan@gufc.org.au
U6 Miniroos 2015ClosedKatie Youngkatie@gufc.org.au
U7 Miniroos2014ClosedHelen Phillips helen@gufc.org.au
U5-7 Girls2016, 2015, 2014ClosedSteve Tokelysteve.tokley@gufc.org.au
U8 Open2013ClosedSharon Brennansharon.brennan@gufc.org.au
U8-9 Girls2013 and 2012ClosedSteve Tokelysteve.tokley@gufc.org.au
U9 Open2012ClosedCarley Trethowancarley@gufc.org.au
U10 Open2011ClosedMitch Gleesonmitch.gleeson@gufc.org.au
U10 Girls2011ClosedEduardo Kuminekeduardo.kuminek@gufc.org.au
U11 Open2010ClosedNoel Palmernoel.palmer@gufc.org.au
U11 Girls2010ClosedEduardo Kuminekeduardo.kuminek@gufc.org.au
U12 Open2009ClosedRob McLaughlinrob.mclaughlin@gufc.org.au
U12 Girls2009OPENEduardo Kuminekeduardo.kuminek@gufc.org.au
U13 Open2008OPENVACANT (need a volunteer)
U14 Open2007LIMITED SPACESJames Molloyjames.molloy@gufc.org.au
U14 Girls2007ClosedPaul Czajkowskipaul.czajkowski@gufc.org.au
U15 Open2006ClosedLukas Trevascuslukas.trevascus@gufc.org.au
U16 Open2005ClosedDarren Rhoddadarren.rhodda@gufc.org.au
U18 Open2003OPENVACANT (need a volunteer)
U16 Girls2005ClosedPaul Czajkowskipaul.czajkowski@gufc.org.au
U18 Girls2003OPENPaul Czajkowskipaul.czajkowski@gufc.org.au